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The architectural and entertainment
LIGHTING solutions

Our Vision

Looking ahead understanding trends, understanding needs and request not yet made. Today we prepare for tomorrow.

Design Solutions 

The combination of experience and the use of latest combination of technologies give our product the unique italian style appreciated all over the world.

Core Business

We dedicate us to the architectural and entertainment lighting offering the best solution of any situation.


Integrated solutions for entertainment lighting

SM International is the new Italian brand specialized in the production and distribution of top solutions for the entertainment lighting. A avant-gard reality that’s revolutionizing the market with unique proposals with a high rate of innovation.

International ambitions, powered by Italian soul with already acquired prestigious clients around the world, SM International distributes under the rigor of a manufacturing Company which has the vision of real needs of lighting industry through an already established experience with the best players and professional worldwide.


SM International is a company specialized in technologies and set-ups for the show business. It produces and distributes high-end products dedicated to professional lighting, adding technical assistance and training to the sal.es.

The undisputed quality of the products, research and continuous development, together with pre and post sales services, make SM International a reference company in the world market.

News and press

Projects made with extreme care and dedication give the maximum in terms of excellence. SMI presents itself on the scene with a perfect synthesis of styles, technology, design and performance.